Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Real Me

Some may think in this blog my true self is hidden, 
Sure my real name I have forbidden, 
But those who enter here
Know more of me than those I hold dear. 
Your not just reading words your reading my heart and soul,
In this blog and in you I choose to console. 
Rather than an image of myself, 
I present in words the image of the girl buried in a bookshelf. 
This is the real me, 
The Girl with a passion and dreams of who she could be. 
The Girl who can be so easily absorbed in a book, 
The Girl whose heart a boy once took, 
The Girl who loves to write, 
The Girl whose life is beginning to take flight.
The Girl In The Corner, this is who I am. 


  1. Nice rhyming and a great way to introduce yourself.

  2. well expressed,
    love your style.
    you speak for me.
    keep it up.

  3. love your work..
    your talent is remarkable.

  4. I liked this. Besides, anyone who has "Corner" in their blog title is fine by me.

  5. Hello, how are you?

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