Thursday, 30 December 2010

Thought Bubble

To all my 'Followers' and to all those who enjoy my poetry ...

I now have another blog, a grand total of three now. 

My poetry explores my thoughts and emotions, and so does my new blog entitled "Thought Bubble" I will be discussing things which are open to discussion and commentary and you may get to learn more about 'The Girl In The Corner'. 

I will still be posting my poems here regularly, don't threat. But please take a look at my other blogs too it would be most appreciated :) 

Monday, 27 December 2010

Stuffed Like a Roast Turkey!

A moment on the lips, 
A lifetime on the hips!
That's what they say,
But I've been stuffing my face all day! 
It's Christmas time,
So is it really such a crime?
It's a seasonal treat, 
All this lovely food to eat!
The traditional Christmas roast, 
I think I ate the most!
Not even the sprouts escaped me,
Servings, I had three!
Dessert was covered in custard,
Next day turkey sandwiches with mustard!
All the chocolate from my stocking already gone,
Leftover meat from now on!
All this food tastes great,
But I think I now need a resolution to lose weight!!! 

If Only ...

If only I could turn back time, 
There would be no need for this rhyme,
If only I could change the past,
I could make things work, make us last. 
Erase what I did and make you forget,
There is nothing more that I regret. 
It has cost me so much, that one mistake,
If only I could rewind time and stop this heartache. 


We were best friends but it came to an end.

Well that's not entirely true,
I got back in touch with you. 
But it will never be the same, 
Were playing a pointless game. 
Practically family we were, 
Now it's just a blur. 
I wont make up excuses and I wont lie, 
This is all because of that guy. 
I guess I'm partly to blame, 
But it will never be the same. 
There is nothing more that I regret, 
I wish me and him had never met. 
I have broken free, 
But there is no fixing you and me.

Loner Child

I've always been the loner child,
The lost soul out in the wild.
I hide my emotions deep within,
That's the way it's always been. 


I think about you all the 
You are my muse you make me 
In my thoughts all night and
 But I couldn't have it any other
 If I didn't know him,
 I couldn't write this poem. 

Love Trap

You kept me trapped,
Your caged possession. 
You put my life on hold, 
Halted progression. 
How dumb was I, 
So young so naive.
But something snapped inside,
 Made me see what I couldn't believe.
I broke the bars of your little love trap, 
I set myself free, 
Enabled my wings to flap.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

New Blog

I am sorry I have not been blogging much recently, I have been busy. However one of my new years resolutions this year will be to be more organised and keep up to date with my blogs and get on here regularly. 

In addition to this I would like to announce that I now have a new blog called 'Ambition Mission'. This blog is going to be about achieving my dreams and you may get to know a little more about me and help me along the way, so please check it out and suggest it to any budding story tellers you may know. 

In the time since I was last on here I have written many poems in my notepad so will be posting soon to get your opinions and see what you think so keep checking.