Monday, 27 December 2010

If Only ...

If only I could turn back time, 
There would be no need for this rhyme,
If only I could change the past,
I could make things work, make us last. 
Erase what I did and make you forget,
There is nothing more that I regret. 
It has cost me so much, that one mistake,
If only I could rewind time and stop this heartache. 


  1. love it..
    aptly said..
    we all have regrets, hope that new year's resolutions help..

    feel free to share 3 poems with Jingle Poetry..
    have fun visiting a few others near your own entry..


  2. If I've learned one ting it is that we will replay that moemnt of regret until we discover the real message which it carries.

    I've found that by pretending to tell myself my own story as though I were reading someone else's novel I often find meaning I didn't see when I was too close to the set.

    Chin up!

    Your work is so wonderfully sweet and refreshing.

  3. We all had that time we wished to turn back the time ... Heartfelt poem!

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