Monday, 31 January 2011

My Pleasure

I do it often in my bed,
Whether it be day or night,
One time I did it by the garden shed,
It's an urge I just cannot fight. 

I'll never stop and that's for sure,
In a park, on a field, by a tree,
It is a joy of which I will never bore.
Please avoid disturbing me.

I remember the first time I did it,
No longer a want but a need,
I love to see how the pieces fit,
There's nothing like having a good book to read!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Different Perspectives

This trio of poems is thanks to Eric 'Bubba' Alder    ... he suggested in a comment on my poem (Affair) ... To write a trio of poems from different perspectives... So thank you and here they are: 

I see him from across the bar,
I spy his good looks even from afar. 
I make an introduction,
And begin my seduction. 

While flirting and such I spot his ring,
Oh, what a dreadful thing!
All the best ones either married or gay,
And there I was thinking this was my lucky day! 

As I turn to walk away, 
He turns, asks me to stay.
Whatever will be will be,
 Maybe he could be the one for me.
Perhaps his marriage is going downhill,
Perhaps there is hope still. 

I don't know what will come of this,
But it's an opportunity I shan't miss!

It began innocently I swear!
I was sat alone when she approached me there.

She was so pretty, 
And elegantly witty.

My wife is growing old,
Her looks bitter and cold.
Her skin wrinkled and saggy,
Her clothes unflattering and baggy.

It had been a while since a young lady so fair,
Had expressed intentions so plain and bare.
Of course my wife was haunting my mind,
I did not mean to cause hurt of any kind.

We booked a hotel suite,
And had fun beneath the bed sheet,
In the morning when awake,
I realised what was at stake. 
What was I doing, what had I begun? 
My heart ached, but I thought of the fun.

The radiant beauty who lay next to me,
But the voice inside "She's not your wife, is she."
I left in hurry and did not look back,
My head and heart each attack.

The Wife
He no longer looked at me in the same way,
Where is the love from our wedding day?
We disagree so often now,
to live in sadness or break the vow:
"Til Death Do Us Part"
The words pang in my heart.

My heart fills with sorrows,
As I think of years of tomorrows.
The love it is still there,
But passion and intimacy grow rare.

My heart aches each time you leave the door,
I don't get a kiss goodbye any more.
Off to the pub you go,
There's a difference this time though.

I wait up for a while,
Patient as you were when I walked down the aisle.

In the morning you appear,
Smelling of perfume, not beer.
You've strayed I'm sure,
You never could resist a woman's allure. 

My heart fills with sorrows,
For all the empty tomorrows.

Adoring Abhorring

To the man adore,
Yet also abhor.

With glistening eyes,
And creative lies.

How sweet your smell,
And loud your yell.

With darkened hair,
Producing a love unfair.

On your face a stubble grows,
And in your heart no emotion shows.

Your sweetest words,
Cut me into thirds.

You once revealed emotion raw,
Then shoved me down to the floor.

A grown up boy,
And I his toy. 

Happy Place

I am like a giddy child,
So free and wild.
A smile spreads across my face,
I have found my happy place.
No-one else can enter here,
This is my place I have made that clear. 

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Shell Bee

Like a shell washed upon the seashore,
Taking on the world with no fear,
After years of being embedded in the sea floor,
Somebody comes along and holds you to their ear,
You'd hidden your truths but no more,
Patiently they listen and hear.

Everything changes and everything is new,
You work hard to discover who you really are,
So much to take in, to digest and chew.
Your journey has taken you so far,
You meet the side of yourself you never knew.

Like a bee buzzing through a forest of plants,
Settling on a flower before quickly moving on,
You don't look back, not a chance.
A quick stop to collect what you need, then be gone. 

Is your change good, I don't know.
From the calm object of the beach, 
To someone the wind cannot even blow,
You're distant and out of reach,
Living in a routine flow.
What lessons did your life teach, 
I hope you continue to learn and grow. 

Brave little Shell Bee, 
You never once listened to me. 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


You promised your life,
When you made her your wife.
To have and to hold,
Until your bodies grow cold.
But you find another,
And she becomes your lover.
Sharing the intimacy meant for your wife,
Yet you promised her your life.

What were you thinking
What if your wife had seen you there?
Her heart would be sinking.
Did you even think to care?
In between your flirting and winking,
Thrusting sweaty and bare,
And don't even think to blame drinking.
This little affair, is far from fair.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Words of My Mind

Lay down in my bed,
My eye-lids close,
Gently resting my head,
Then my mind arose.

Sleeping I appear lazy,
But my mind is going crazy,
Thoughts flying around,
New musings that I've found.

My mind flitters from one thought to next,
Some happy some sad, some vexed.

I fix upon an issue,
And my mind begins to rhyme,
A poem about how I miss you,
Written in no time,
The words easily flow,
What I've written brings me pride,
I awake and flick my lamp on a gentle glow,
And my eyes and mind open wide.

Jotting it all down in my note pad,
I feel the words slipping,
It doesn't quite match what I'd had,
I feel my mind gripping,
It's not quite right with only the few words I could save,
The words appear bound only to my mind,
Gone are the words that my initial musings gave,
Again I rest my eyes, what else may my mind find?

Monday, 17 January 2011


It's not often I hold a grudge,
But this time I will not budge,
It's not often I use the word hate,
But your apology is far too late.

Unnatural Love

The grass is not green when it is dead,
And roses are not always red.
The sky is not blue when it is grey,
Colours change from night to day.
Clouds can be white, grey or even pink,
Nature does change didn't you think?

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
And I love you."

Comparing our love to nature is strange,
Nature is not fixed and it does change.

The grass it died,
And the roses weren't red I lied,
The sky is full of clouds of grey,
And flashing lightening bolts of dismay.
Nature does change and so did our love,
There is no use reckoning with the force from above.