Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I like to think I'm over it,
But I know I'm not,
Inside there's just a little bit,
Of the love I thought forgot. 

Monday, 20 June 2011


All I can do is hope and dream,
No matter how difficult my wishes may seem. 

Friday, 17 June 2011

No Use Pretending

Time is supposed to heal,
But all it has done is made this more real.
I wish I could forever pretend,
But if I did then my heart would never mend. 

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Getting Over it.

Is it really the end? 
Or is it a new beginning? 
Because my heart will mend, 
And the room will stop spinning.
I will move on of that I'm sure,
Because time will heal me,
And there will be a new door,
And whatever will be, will be.

The End #2

I feel like I don't even know you any more,
Where is that charming boy who walked me to my door?
We used to talk every single day,
Now hardly a word we say. 
Slowly we drifted apart,
Some say we were doomed from the start.
I hoped to prove them wrong,
I guess our love was not that strong.

Friday, 27 May 2011

The End.

I hate the way you look at me now,
It all went wrong and I don't know how,
One minute you were holding me tight,
The next we were having a fight,
It was not meant to happen the way it did,
If I'd have hurt you, God forbid.
But it all happened so fast,
I guess I was right to doubt we'd last.


I looked back in hope,
But you didn't turn around,
How will I cope?
Now that I've lost what we found.


Who do you think you are? 
Driving around in your car,
Like you are some kind of star,
But I tell you far from that you are.

The Choice.

You're all I've ever really known,
And though my actions I don't condone,
I just want you to think your choice through,
Because without you what am I supposed to do?


There is more to life than boys,
They're mere play things, just toys. 
I have my fun and then I'm gone,
I'm just a face, my name anon.


You put yourself out there,
Wearing a skirt shorter than most would dare.
You flirt and dance with all the boys,
Playing these games like they are toys,
But how will they ever respect you,
If you don't respect yourself too. 
You don't realise just what you are worth,
You've been misguided since birth.
Someday someone will open your eyes,
They'll see past your breasts and thighs,
They'll introduce you to a better life,
You'll become a mother, a wife. 
Don't you see there's hope yet,
You don't deserve what you get.
Just look up and smile,
Things will be better in a little while.


You came back, I knew it. 
But you've had your chance, and blew it. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Love Lost

When I think of you my heart beats so fast,
Then I am reminded of how you are now in my past.
This love is so very strong,
This separation is just wrong.
I am yet to understand your choice,
I miss your touch, your face, your voice.
If only I could turn back the hands of time,
I’d prove that loving you wasn’t such a crime.

The Price

Everyday I think of the mistake I made,
Everyday I think of the price I paid,
Everyday I have cried,
Everyday these emotions I hide. 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Emptiness and Longing.

Don't say that you care, 
Because this just isn't fair.
Your stringing me along with your conversation,
Filling me with hope and hesitation,
I just don't know what to do,
When all I have ever wanted is you. 
I know that I am the one to blame,
I am full of so much guilt and shame. 
All I want is just one more chance,
But I know now I wont get a second glance.
So many dreams of you and me,
Now fade into memory.
You'd said you loved me and would marry me someday,
I never imagined it'd end this way.
My heart feels empty I'm in so much pain,
These tears roll from my eyes like pouring rain.
You haunt my thoughts through day and night,
Without you nothing at all feels right.
Everywhere I go and everything I see,
Reminds me of what used to be. 
Tell me please because I need to know,
How can I ever let go? 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Sometimes it's great, 
Sometimes it's too late,
Sometimes it doesn't last,
Sometimes it happens too fast.

It is never once the same,
It will never be tame,
It is a wild emotion,
It causes lots of commotion. 

Makes people do silly things,
Make promises and wear rings,
Makes mistakes often too,
Makes a fool out of you.

When it finds you you'll know,
When it happens you won't let go,
When it hits you you'll fall,
When it breaks you that's worst of all. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Kent once was England's garden, 
But now a new race has been born,
I hear you say "I beg your pardon" 
But it is true I warn. 

Chatham is where I am from, 
And the race I refer to was born here. 
The place is infected with the scum,
And the epidemic has spread I fear. 

They wear gold chains and hoops in their ears,
Their skin is orange with too much foundation,
They hang on street corners drinking beers, 
And threaten the reputation of our nation. 

Their language is lacking,
They know not a lot,
We need to send them packing,
It is the problem we have got.

How did this begin?
It is a big worry we have,
As ruined our reputation has been,
For we are the home of the Chav. 

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Love From Above

I am no saint nor a sinner,
Take me as I am or not at all.
I am neither experienced nor a beginner.
Take down that wall.
I am here by you side,
Whether you want me here or not.
I love every piece of you with pride,
Don't let that be forgot.
In my eyes you are perfection,
I hope you know.
Please accept this is more than affection,
It's not a phase that I will outgrow.
Believe me this is love,
I tell you it is true.
My angel sent from above,
Nothing matters but me and you. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Family Aspirations

After becoming your bride,
We'll move to the country side.
A lovely house,
With a lovely spouse.

We'll add to the bliss with a child or two,
A miniature me and you. 
A lovely new family,
With love from you and me. 

You'll have your dream job as a fighter,
And I'll have mine as a writer. 
A lovely future ahead,
Without a single dread.

We'll have happiness together,
And it will last forever.
A lovely life,
With me as your wife. 

The Lottery Dream

One day I'll win the lottery,
Just you wait and see!

No more money worries to be had,
I'd share it with my mum and my dad.

I'd spread the fun, 
And be second to none.

Buy myself a big house,
And get myself a handsome spouse.

Build myself a walk in wardrobe,
And make plans to travel the globe.

Give some to charity,
And enjoy my new found disparity. 

No more complaining about price tags,
I'd buy an abundance of shoes and bags.

All of my possessions will be flaunted,
Especially that car I've always wanted.

As I roll through town, 
All will bow down. 

No more struggles trying to 'get by',
Well I can dream can't I! 

The Power Of An Hour

You used to give up your hobby,
And meet me in the hotel lobby. 
Rent the room by the hour,
A prevailing power. 
Pulled away from your wife,
And into my life.

Now I am in her position,
What a dreadful composition!
I am at home,
Whilst out and about you roam.

Drinking without Thinking

I toss and turn,
Whilst my stomach does churn,
Will I ever learn? 

Bliss to This.

I watch my sister skipping happily toward her man,
"Enjoy it while you can!"
At the moment you may be having a blast,
Trust in me, it will not last. 
A few months of bliss,
Then solitary this.


Love poetry I used to write,
But now all we do is fight.
To be happy again, a simple wish.
But we live on in anguish.
Writing poetry about heartbreak,
But were still together, for goodness sake!
Still together as a whole,
Playing a pointless role.
On and on we drone, 
But I feel so alone. 

A pointless wish,
An eternity of this.

Separation Temptation.

The constant separation,
Leading me into temptation.
By your side I promised to stay,
But you are always away.

Do you even enjoy the company I bring? 
We barely see each other, you don't even ring.

Is this a pointless endeavour,
Because I am doubting forever.  

Slaughtered Heart

My heart aches in pain,
And my eyes begin to water,
Your words in my mind stain,
My affection you swiftly slaughter.
How did I not see your intention?
I should have known from the start,
The little detail you failed to mention.
Stabbed deep into heart.

Communication Frustration --2

I lye awake at night, 
Thinking of you,
When you don't call or write
What is a girl to do? 

Communication Frustration

Staring at my phone,
But it will not ring.
Oh, what a dreadful thing!
Not received a single text,
Growing tiresome and vexed. 
Could it be the signal though? 
Or could you be ignoring me so?
Could you still be sleeping?
Oh, my heart is weeping!
Is this an over-reaction? 
Or could you be losing the attraction?
Either way I want to know, 
Why wont you contact me so?

Morning Warning.

Stomp stomp up the stairs,
You in bed still unawares.
Then in she bursts,
She shouted and cursed.
You'd angered your Mother
"Why can't you be more like you brother!
What time is this to wake?!
Get up for goodness sake!"

Up you sat with a grumble and groan,
"I can't sleep" you did moan.
"My bed is springy and crap,
I can barely nap!
How am I sposed to sleep Mum,
When these springs poking my bum!"

And thus you did declare,
Just how your life was unfair.

So during the day,
Your Mum found a way.
When you arrived home,
A mattress of memory foam
You happily received.
Making your Mother most relieved.

A good nights sleep,
Without the nonsense of sheep.
To awake in the morning,
Unaided by Mothers warning.

But that did not happen, no.
Once again your Mothers foe.
"What is your excuse now?!?
You lazy cow!"

"Well I slept well last night,
But leaving this bed is a losing fight. 
I'm so comfy in here, 
With no springs poking my rear!"

Firstly too tired to leave,
Now the thought you cannot conceive. 

Your Mothers eyes grew sore, 
There really is no cure,
You'll be lazy forever more.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

To You

This poem is a thank-you to Jingle Poetry,
Your potluck has been the perfect remedy, 
I've let my emotions run raw,
And have never been happier before.
My work I used to hide,
But now I've learnt to take pride. 
I never used to have confidence and such,
 Through your comments and praise I have learnt much.
My confidence and skill can only increase,
I am able to relax as you've given me peace.

Monday, 31 January 2011

My Pleasure

I do it often in my bed,
Whether it be day or night,
One time I did it by the garden shed,
It's an urge I just cannot fight. 

I'll never stop and that's for sure,
In a park, on a field, by a tree,
It is a joy of which I will never bore.
Please avoid disturbing me.

I remember the first time I did it,
No longer a want but a need,
I love to see how the pieces fit,
There's nothing like having a good book to read!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Different Perspectives

This trio of poems is thanks to Eric 'Bubba' Alder    ... he suggested in a comment on my poem (Affair) ... To write a trio of poems from different perspectives... So thank you and here they are: 

I see him from across the bar,
I spy his good looks even from afar. 
I make an introduction,
And begin my seduction. 

While flirting and such I spot his ring,
Oh, what a dreadful thing!
All the best ones either married or gay,
And there I was thinking this was my lucky day! 

As I turn to walk away, 
He turns, asks me to stay.
Whatever will be will be,
 Maybe he could be the one for me.
Perhaps his marriage is going downhill,
Perhaps there is hope still. 

I don't know what will come of this,
But it's an opportunity I shan't miss!

It began innocently I swear!
I was sat alone when she approached me there.

She was so pretty, 
And elegantly witty.

My wife is growing old,
Her looks bitter and cold.
Her skin wrinkled and saggy,
Her clothes unflattering and baggy.

It had been a while since a young lady so fair,
Had expressed intentions so plain and bare.
Of course my wife was haunting my mind,
I did not mean to cause hurt of any kind.

We booked a hotel suite,
And had fun beneath the bed sheet,
In the morning when awake,
I realised what was at stake. 
What was I doing, what had I begun? 
My heart ached, but I thought of the fun.

The radiant beauty who lay next to me,
But the voice inside "She's not your wife, is she."
I left in hurry and did not look back,
My head and heart each attack.

The Wife
He no longer looked at me in the same way,
Where is the love from our wedding day?
We disagree so often now,
to live in sadness or break the vow:
"Til Death Do Us Part"
The words pang in my heart.

My heart fills with sorrows,
As I think of years of tomorrows.
The love it is still there,
But passion and intimacy grow rare.

My heart aches each time you leave the door,
I don't get a kiss goodbye any more.
Off to the pub you go,
There's a difference this time though.

I wait up for a while,
Patient as you were when I walked down the aisle.

In the morning you appear,
Smelling of perfume, not beer.
You've strayed I'm sure,
You never could resist a woman's allure. 

My heart fills with sorrows,
For all the empty tomorrows.

Adoring Abhorring

To the man adore,
Yet also abhor.

With glistening eyes,
And creative lies.

How sweet your smell,
And loud your yell.

With darkened hair,
Producing a love unfair.

On your face a stubble grows,
And in your heart no emotion shows.

Your sweetest words,
Cut me into thirds.

You once revealed emotion raw,
Then shoved me down to the floor.

A grown up boy,
And I his toy. 

Happy Place

I am like a giddy child,
So free and wild.
A smile spreads across my face,
I have found my happy place.
No-one else can enter here,
This is my place I have made that clear. 

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Shell Bee

Like a shell washed upon the seashore,
Taking on the world with no fear,
After years of being embedded in the sea floor,
Somebody comes along and holds you to their ear,
You'd hidden your truths but no more,
Patiently they listen and hear.

Everything changes and everything is new,
You work hard to discover who you really are,
So much to take in, to digest and chew.
Your journey has taken you so far,
You meet the side of yourself you never knew.

Like a bee buzzing through a forest of plants,
Settling on a flower before quickly moving on,
You don't look back, not a chance.
A quick stop to collect what you need, then be gone. 

Is your change good, I don't know.
From the calm object of the beach, 
To someone the wind cannot even blow,
You're distant and out of reach,
Living in a routine flow.
What lessons did your life teach, 
I hope you continue to learn and grow. 

Brave little Shell Bee, 
You never once listened to me. 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


You promised your life,
When you made her your wife.
To have and to hold,
Until your bodies grow cold.
But you find another,
And she becomes your lover.
Sharing the intimacy meant for your wife,
Yet you promised her your life.

What were you thinking
What if your wife had seen you there?
Her heart would be sinking.
Did you even think to care?
In between your flirting and winking,
Thrusting sweaty and bare,
And don't even think to blame drinking.
This little affair, is far from fair.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Words of My Mind

Lay down in my bed,
My eye-lids close,
Gently resting my head,
Then my mind arose.

Sleeping I appear lazy,
But my mind is going crazy,
Thoughts flying around,
New musings that I've found.

My mind flitters from one thought to next,
Some happy some sad, some vexed.

I fix upon an issue,
And my mind begins to rhyme,
A poem about how I miss you,
Written in no time,
The words easily flow,
What I've written brings me pride,
I awake and flick my lamp on a gentle glow,
And my eyes and mind open wide.

Jotting it all down in my note pad,
I feel the words slipping,
It doesn't quite match what I'd had,
I feel my mind gripping,
It's not quite right with only the few words I could save,
The words appear bound only to my mind,
Gone are the words that my initial musings gave,
Again I rest my eyes, what else may my mind find?