Monday, 7 February 2011

Morning Warning.

Stomp stomp up the stairs,
You in bed still unawares.
Then in she bursts,
She shouted and cursed.
You'd angered your Mother
"Why can't you be more like you brother!
What time is this to wake?!
Get up for goodness sake!"

Up you sat with a grumble and groan,
"I can't sleep" you did moan.
"My bed is springy and crap,
I can barely nap!
How am I sposed to sleep Mum,
When these springs poking my bum!"

And thus you did declare,
Just how your life was unfair.

So during the day,
Your Mum found a way.
When you arrived home,
A mattress of memory foam
You happily received.
Making your Mother most relieved.

A good nights sleep,
Without the nonsense of sheep.
To awake in the morning,
Unaided by Mothers warning.

But that did not happen, no.
Once again your Mothers foe.
"What is your excuse now?!?
You lazy cow!"

"Well I slept well last night,
But leaving this bed is a losing fight. 
I'm so comfy in here, 
With no springs poking my rear!"

Firstly too tired to leave,
Now the thought you cannot conceive. 

Your Mothers eyes grew sore, 
There really is no cure,
You'll be lazy forever more.

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