Monday, 7 February 2011


Love poetry I used to write,
But now all we do is fight.
To be happy again, a simple wish.
But we live on in anguish.
Writing poetry about heartbreak,
But were still together, for goodness sake!
Still together as a whole,
Playing a pointless role.
On and on we drone, 
But I feel so alone. 

A pointless wish,
An eternity of this.


  1. Wonderful rhyme scheme, so much discontent yet you have something more than others. Interesting contrast.

  2. beautiful.

    you rock, girl.


  3. the way you write is something to be happy about :)

  4. if its about a guy (which i'm just going to assume, as with most heartfelt young minds plagued with unrequited or explained feelings)
    dont let him get to you! from your words i can tell you that you're a beautiful girl, on the inside, which surely reflects on the outside. like the sun you shine through the glass window warming the cold winter air trying to force its way into your home. don't let that cold air break in (: let your light shine through.

  5. oh i almost forgot!!
    here’s some of my really old pieces (to fit the theme, but please also bare in mind that some of these i wrote years ago) :

  6. Thank you so much for your comments!

    Belladonna - You make me smile! :) Thank you for your comments (will read your poems now) ... I was just kind of having one of those moments lol ...Sometimes he just gets on my nerves :P and it comes out in poem form. (Yes it was about a guy)
    When he makes me happy I never seem to find words befitting the happiness, but when were arguing or I'm annoyed the come flowing out haha :) Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. I couldn't tell if you were talking about poetry or a guy. Wonderful poem.