Monday, 7 February 2011

The Power Of An Hour

You used to give up your hobby,
And meet me in the hotel lobby. 
Rent the room by the hour,
A prevailing power. 
Pulled away from your wife,
And into my life.

Now I am in her position,
What a dreadful composition!
I am at home,
Whilst out and about you roam.


  1. Oh, yes. A cad will always be a cad.

  2. better watch out - we should always observe how the person behaves in relation to other people, because he can start acting the same towards us in time... nicely put!

  3. wow, sad yet powerfully said..

    love your wit in it.

  4. Wow...I've read that if you meet someone and start a relationship as an affair, it's pretty likely you will end the relationship the same way it began. This was well written, although I feel for the woman who wrote it. :-/

  5. Very good, Shelby! Sounds like the script from a soap or two!
    Nice sense of sadness at the end.
    Thx for visiting my poem earlier!

  6. i'd wager that is always a fear for the one who steals someone else's love. Well captured!