Monday, 7 February 2011

The Lottery Dream

One day I'll win the lottery,
Just you wait and see!

No more money worries to be had,
I'd share it with my mum and my dad.

I'd spread the fun, 
And be second to none.

Buy myself a big house,
And get myself a handsome spouse.

Build myself a walk in wardrobe,
And make plans to travel the globe.

Give some to charity,
And enjoy my new found disparity. 

No more complaining about price tags,
I'd buy an abundance of shoes and bags.

All of my possessions will be flaunted,
Especially that car I've always wanted.

As I roll through town, 
All will bow down. 

No more struggles trying to 'get by',
Well I can dream can't I! 


  1. keep dreaming, keep flying.


  2. Sometimes it is these fanciful dreams that get out of bed every morning.

    Thank you for sharing a delightfully fun poem.

  3. Your beautifully bubbly words will put a bounce in my step for the day. I think I'll also get a lotto ticket 'cuz it doesn't hurt to play! :)

    My potluck poem: Mood Rings of the Future