Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Words of My Mind

Lay down in my bed,
My eye-lids close,
Gently resting my head,
Then my mind arose.

Sleeping I appear lazy,
But my mind is going crazy,
Thoughts flying around,
New musings that I've found.

My mind flitters from one thought to next,
Some happy some sad, some vexed.

I fix upon an issue,
And my mind begins to rhyme,
A poem about how I miss you,
Written in no time,
The words easily flow,
What I've written brings me pride,
I awake and flick my lamp on a gentle glow,
And my eyes and mind open wide.

Jotting it all down in my note pad,
I feel the words slipping,
It doesn't quite match what I'd had,
I feel my mind gripping,
It's not quite right with only the few words I could save,
The words appear bound only to my mind,
Gone are the words that my initial musings gave,
Again I rest my eyes, what else may my mind find?


  1. oh man, this is awesome... I have SO been there
    :-) You've captured this so beautifully!