Sunday, 23 January 2011

Shell Bee

Like a shell washed upon the seashore,
Taking on the world with no fear,
After years of being embedded in the sea floor,
Somebody comes along and holds you to their ear,
You'd hidden your truths but no more,
Patiently they listen and hear.

Everything changes and everything is new,
You work hard to discover who you really are,
So much to take in, to digest and chew.
Your journey has taken you so far,
You meet the side of yourself you never knew.

Like a bee buzzing through a forest of plants,
Settling on a flower before quickly moving on,
You don't look back, not a chance.
A quick stop to collect what you need, then be gone. 

Is your change good, I don't know.
From the calm object of the beach, 
To someone the wind cannot even blow,
You're distant and out of reach,
Living in a routine flow.
What lessons did your life teach, 
I hope you continue to learn and grow. 

Brave little Shell Bee, 
You never once listened to me. 


  1. perfect writing...
    loved the flow.


  2. mmm this is wonderful... i can really empathize with the Shell Bee...
    here’s my PL pieces:

  3. i really enjoyed this... what a nice little story/poem I know people like the shell bee maybe the shell bee is me

  4. awwww! cute :) the life of a shell :)
    Happy potluck!

  5. Shell Bee (Shelby?) should've listened.

    Nice Potluck dish!

  6. haha Eric you cracked it!! :)

    Thanks for all your lovely comments - mean a lot.

  7. heheheh...this was super cute!! LOVED the double entendre in the title :)) Very very clever of you, girl! Applies to the car and to that little sea shell... and to all of us really (in some way or the other) ;-)
    This was tooooo cool a poem!!