Monday, 31 January 2011

My Pleasure

I do it often in my bed,
Whether it be day or night,
One time I did it by the garden shed,
It's an urge I just cannot fight. 

I'll never stop and that's for sure,
In a park, on a field, by a tree,
It is a joy of which I will never bore.
Please avoid disturbing me.

I remember the first time I did it,
No longer a want but a need,
I love to see how the pieces fit,
There's nothing like having a good book to read!!


  1. a good book is better than a yummy meal at times.
    enjoy your hobby.


  2. Whew! Yeah, I love reading, too.

  3. Got a big smile from me! Clever and right on.

  4. Reading is such a joy. It's as if you're experiencing the world in a different lens. Nice poem.

  5. agree, love books.
    convincing words...
    Happy Rally.

  6. Indeed there isn't anything ;like a good book. Perfect!

  7. Two thumbs up to good books and your delightful poem! :)

  8. Very cute and very nice. I enjoy!
    Here's my rally entry

  9. Very subtle but still very well done! You got all sorts of naughty book thoughts from everyone, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. very nice, I enjoyed this very , very much !!

  11. wow lol very fresh lol it always nice to find something that can put humour it to the simple but wondrous things of life

  12. I wont even say where my mind went... love it!

  13. I really liked the way U put it.. making it a lil puzzle of its own. :)

  14. O
    u got me --

    i use to read
    up in a tree

    but it was a b
    when i had to go pee

    o hell
    now i'm rhyming

    good poem

    peace & love my sister


  15. So totally agree with this! I love to read and discovered my obsession with it at 10 years old.
    My big brother, who's done a very job of rhyming (good job Este! LOL!) and myself inherited the love of reading from my father.
    I can't remember not seeing my father with a book in his hands and finally understood his love for the written word when I picked my first Jules Verne book.
    Even now I escape to worlds unknown with beautiful purple skies, and fluffy orange clouds with cities that rise above those clouds and gleam like gold in the warm sunshine.
    So enjoyed reading. May your days be wonderfully blessed.