Monday, 27 December 2010

Stuffed Like a Roast Turkey!

A moment on the lips, 
A lifetime on the hips!
That's what they say,
But I've been stuffing my face all day! 
It's Christmas time,
So is it really such a crime?
It's a seasonal treat, 
All this lovely food to eat!
The traditional Christmas roast, 
I think I ate the most!
Not even the sprouts escaped me,
Servings, I had three!
Dessert was covered in custard,
Next day turkey sandwiches with mustard!
All the chocolate from my stocking already gone,
Leftover meat from now on!
All this food tastes great,
But I think I now need a resolution to lose weight!!! 


  1. From the title of this piece I initially thought it might take quite a different direction! Nice work.

  2. I was inspired by all of the empty sweet wrappers in my bedroom!

    And the title is what I always say when I am full up ... started one Christmas as I was sitting at the dinner table button popping full to the brim and I said "I'm stuffed like a roast Turkey" due to the stuffing that's shoved into a turkey before being cooked :P

    I'm glad you liked it!

  3. your title is very attractive,
    lovely piece.

    weight losing is a challenge, good luck,
    Thanks for sharing, you rock!


  4. Well, now you've gone and made me hungry again!
    That was a quaint little rhyme, girl. Good, good!

    We don't need formal resolutions,
    we just need to be resolute.

    Nice to meet you, and
    HaPpY NeW YeaR!

  5. Good that you have made a resolution.. keep writing.. and exploring the world of thoughts..

    My thanks for getting connected to may page.. will be back here soon.. thanks!!!!

  6. Great poem! Describes my Christmas to a tee (or should I say tea? I drank plenty of that over Christmas too!!)

  7. such fun write haha! mines here-

  8. The big meals are like that. The delicious foods seem to gang up on me and then haunt me until I finally drive them away. This was a fun poem. Thanks.

  9. Oh my! I think I gained weight just reading this.

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday and Poetry Potluck. I'm getting here late for both. Do apologize.