Sunday, 5 September 2010

Bully Back Down

You find happiness in my sadness,
You laugh at my sorrows,
And find joy in all that follows. 
Each tear that I weep is your creation, 
Are you proud of my frustration?!

Wipe that grin off your face you fucking disgrace.
Don't snigger at me!
I'm more than you will ever be.
Step back take a look at your reflection, 
A figure of aggression. 

Will you explain to me because I don't quite understand,
Do you mean to hurt me is it planned? 
Are you happy or is it an act?
Do you want me to react?

I've heard of sibling rivalry but this is a joke!
I can't think what I might have done to provoke.
This is not competition it's hate, 
If you think about apologizing it's too late!

You can't stand to see me happy can you? 
What has this come to? 

I wont sink down to your level,
You little devil,
I will rise above and be free, 
Your words mean nothing to me,
Just proof of your idiocy. 

Shut up leave off and back down. 
I will no longer wear a frown. 
I am myself and I am my own. 


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