Monday, 25 October 2010

Social Hierarchy

You always see on teenage films - American ones especially - the portrayal of the social hierarchy within schools. In films such as Mean Girls you have the Jocks, the Plastics, the Band Geeks, the Freaks, and the Smart Asians etc... Another example is High School Musical, you have the Cheerleaders, the Jocks, the Math Geeks, the Band Geeks, and the Performers.

In my school it's no different really except they have different names and we don't have cheerleaders and jocks - instead we have - Chavs, sluts, boffs, bandies, and well some freaks.

I don't really agree with all the stereotyping that is forced on us throughout our lives, but frankly everyone does it, even me. Individuals are limited in this world as you have to contain the "don't give a shit" attitude to maintain any aspect of your own personality.

I wouldn't say that I was at the bottom of the social hierarchy within my school, but i'm certainly not at the top! I used to be though, in primary school. It's hard to believe but I was one of the popular kids, or as I prefer to call them now chavs/sluts. Because really let's be honest, they are only popular within their own group of friends, although having said that despite it being a well known fact that they enjoy bitching about EVERYBODY as one of their past times, they most often bitch about their so called 'friends' behind their backs. Some friendship that is.

... So primary school, year 5 - I was a popular kid. Problem was I didn't like being bossed around by them. Their Queen B had us practising dance routines every lunch time for the upcoming talent show - To be honest we did win, but I was 9 I just wanted to be skipping or playing Hop Scotch. I got fed up and told them where to stick it - thank god! Otherwise I would be one of those stuck up sluts looking down on everybody else like I was better than them. I never really understood them, I would see them in the girls toilets shoving tissue down their bra's and hear them talking about boys - I was NINE - at that age boys were gross and boobs would get in the way when playing normal 9 year old games!

The Queen B back then has managed to maintain her position and is STILL the Queen B now at my Sixth Form. I wouldn't say I feel sorry for her minions, but I pity their lack of brains. Because if they had an ounce of intelligence they would surely realise that they are sheep controlled by their lord and master, to dress and act however she instructed! They are all clones.

At least the other groups have some personality of their own! The 'Bandies' express themselves, they really do have that don't give a shit attitude. The 'geeks' are just smart, being academic should not make you less likable. And well my group, I would not know where to put us! I would said were kinda average - with a little crazy thrown in. I'm pleased to no longer be one of 'them'. With my friends I can be myself, what more could you want? :-) <3

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